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From a visitor to BAYS Days at Imperial College

"The man is a genius! Richard Robinson is just a brilliant presenter. This session was off the scale good! We have tried to encourage Joe's school to book Richard for a session, and have booked him ourselves for Joe's birthday party."

From A.Jayanath, Director, National Science Centre, Malaysia

"Mr.Richard Robinson enthralled the Malaysian audiences with his simple but effective presentation. It was truly a learning experience for all of us. His sincere enthusiasm to impart his in-depth knowledge of the wonders of science makes him a truly outstanding science communicator. We wish the world had more Richards around to spark and nurture the spirit of discovery in the younger generation of this planet."

From a visitor to BAYS Days 2002

"This was a first class example of a great university lecturer. He was sympathetic, dynamic, educational, funny, well paced, good time-keeper, great at punchlines."

From kids at John Allen Primary School

"I'd never really thought about it like that before."
"Mum says Science wasn't like that when she was at school."
"It's really easy when you see the tricks and how they work."
"Because he showed us how the tricks are done, it made more sense."
"I tried some of the tricks at home. My Mum and Dad were really surprised. It was great tricking them. I felt really clever."
"It felt nice when I guessed what was going to happen and got it right."

From delegates to the Association of Science Education annual meeting;

"Outstanding. Well presented. Clear instructions. Ideas easily transferable to immediate classroom use."

"Excellent lecture/demonstration"

"A very slick presentation. Very enjoyable. I picked up some useful tips and hints".

From kids at Charles Lamb Primary School, Islington;

"That was the best magic show I've ever seen in my life."

"Thank you for arranging your fabulous science magic show. It was BRILLIANT!!! I've never seen one like it before."

"... Thak yew for doing all them triks abut since... "(sic)

Note from form teacher

"...Please pass our thanks to the brilliant scientist / magician!"

From the deputy Head, Christchurch School, Albany St.

"It was brilliant. I learned more in one hour than I learned in twenty years."

From Christ Church School, Hampstead

"I thought it was a funny and enjoyable way of learning about science. Science has not always been my favourite subject but you made it sound interesting."

"Your science magic show was brill! I wish it had lasted longer, I wouldn't have minded if it lasted all day. It was a fun way of learning new things."

"I want to be able to do that when I'm older. I may even try some experiments at home."